Janette Outram For Federation Council

Hello and thanks for visiting my Janette Outram for Federation Council Page, to learn a little more about me, my commitment to my local Council area and my hopes for the future.  Excited for you to read more.

I have three great passions: our community, education, and our future.  

Out of my life-long desire to create good outcomes for small communities, I am putting my hand up to fill a seat at the table for the Federation Council in the upcoming local government elections. 

Over my life, I’ve had the great privilege of working with many committed and dynamic people, not only within the local council area but with many people across the region, as well as interstate and on the national stage.

I believe it’s time for me now to use the skills I have gathered in communication, education, business and building healthy organisations, for our local government. If I get there, I want to take a focus on the future to help make informed, considered decisions for now and for the future of our communities, our businesses and our families. 

My experience in business, farming, education and diverse organisations means that I can bring practical high-level organisational skills, communication skills and a strong work ethic to the task of council representation.

I have spent over half my life in the rural locality of Savernake – and this makes me a real Federation Council local. I’ve taught a generation of school children throughout the Council area and this means I know the issues facing our families and can speak from that practical understanding and history. 

That history informs my understanding of how people tick and how our communities work. 

I want to advocate for individuals, businesses and small communities of our Federation Council.

My strong commitment to agricultural communities, businesses and farming for the future is born of my work on our 4th generation family farm. Working with my husband, Hugh Smith, we have managed the vagaries of life on the land – drought, floods, mouse plagues, low commodity prices and the effects of globalisation on agriculture. Working hard on our business – and now with my son and the next generation – we have managed our family business through many challenges. I know how important it is to focus on a strong balance sheet and the future – and to keep a sense of humour on the way. 

Insert pis – direct seeding…. On our farm at Savernake, we continue our environmental works with direct seeding and native tree and shrub planting for the Superb Parrot Corridors. (Link )

“We need to think about how the decisions we are making now will affect farming and the generations and communities to come.”

My commitment to our local community is reflected in my involvement on numerous committees and boards. I’ve been involved in the school council, P&C and local sporting groups. I’ve served on the Yarrawonga and District Health Service Board of Management and I’m involved in women in leadership activities as a mentor. I’ve been active in women in agriculture activities and I currently support women in agriculture to take up leadership positions. 

My passion for creative, dynamic and prosperous rural communities has been central to my work in my own consultancy business. I’ve worked with individuals, families and groups on resilience building, leadership and self-determination. 

I know what effective engagement looks like and how to work constructively with many different types of people to make it happen. For me, it is the right time to bring my skills and experience to advocate for the people of the Federation Shire and contribute to good Council governance and outcomes. 

Resilient people and communities hang together through the tough times with humour and respect and emerge to create new and vibrant futures connected to their sense of place and belonging to their environment. 

I commit to

  1. Serving the needs of the Federation Council through sound ethical governance
  2. Making decisions that are appropriate and important to build our communities into the future.
  3. Engaging and listening …….

I won’t be afraid to ask the tough questions of our communities and Councillors as well as our State and National Leaders. So don’t you be afraid to ask the tough questions of me.

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Remember VOTE 1 for Janette Outram on December 4th 2021.